I let him go….

And I let him go

We were at the pizza shop when I last saw him,

Thinking to be the last goodbye, last word of the time.

I stared at him and his eyes looked at mine.

As we were deciding on the future terms,

Memories hit me like a churn,

Still pretending to be firm we both knew it was just to affirm.

It all started in the teenage days,

When estrogen was enough to make me blaze

With lot of following plays and chase,

We finally became friends.

Friends only to become lovers later.

It took fucking ten years to convince you my love,

To make promises that I am now sick of,

Memories that are a lot of and dreams that I want to get rid of.

But it’s not  as easy as the way you said we cannot be together,

If I am a calm river, you are the noisy ocean water

And it’s good not to stretch it far, keep it simple and move apart.

Hence the pizza, the maze and the awkward silence.

Control on out flowing butterflies inside and emotional balance.

But the phone calls still followed even after the last goodbye.

The talks continued of stars, ghosts and skies,

From discussing the centers of ellipse to nightmares of night,

And the unasked question and answer to why,

Why it had to be right, why what goes around returned so quickly and at the wrong time

Then the phone calls stopped, messages stopped,

Have you loved someone so much that they got you blocked?

Now no talks of science happen, no talks of ways of life,

No twice my phone rings to say the last words,

No rants, tears or laughter, no anger, no cries.

Now the life is back to normal.


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