A lot like my country!

I lived in this country before
Different diversities it bore
Still together as pure
And it resembled much more
Like my country today.
The country I lived also had people arguing with each other
But never have I heard the rape threats
There this country I lived where
People used to listen with open mindsets.
It had its own problems though
Same problems like my country has
But this country where I lived before
Always stood together for the best.
I lived in a country before where
All respected army without being asked for
All stood up for National Anthem
And faith in country was stored
Let me tell you it was not a perfect country
But love was in galore
There this country I am telling you about
Had less bans on foods
It did have its own fears
But movies were uncut and one could get cheap beers
I remember in that country
Green was the color of fields
And saffron gave essence to kheer
Did I tell you it was not a developed country
Same like my country
It did not have good development plans either
But there were less hate speeches
And comedians were not harassed over
For making people laugh
I miss that country because a cartoon sketch could not get me into jail
Students were not fired upon for their speeches
Where education made some sense in elections
Where there was a team and not just a leader
I told you it was not a perfect country
But I miss that country’s flavor.


One thought on “A lot like my country!

  1. Lead. Create your country. You can, if you want to. You can dream and realise the dreams. Just wait for your time. Until then keep trying. Your country, my country,our country is undergoing change. If will stabilise. In our lifetimes. You shall see it. I shall see it.


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