The art of overthinking…

So this is the skill you don’t have to learn, 

it comes automatically,
Mostly pursued by girls 

but boys also develop simultaneously

Dont overthink on the question

if it is an art or skill

because it is used interchangebly.

I dont know which part of the brain controls it but its definetly do not come from reflexes.

It grows and grows deep and deep

till your decision supresses.

For one it would be a simple Happy Birthday but for us it is happy birthday or only b’day. 

Do I need to put exclaimation or just smiley would convey?

Should I add a line or two more

only to make it look allure

or will it be too much 

and will make me look insecure?

It starts with should I or shouldn’t I

and mostly ends with ifs, what ifs and buts

It takes days and hours and few more minutes till we finally come up to conclusion to press that send button.

Then a deep breath….

and the agony starts again in seconds

oh no I shouldn’t have done,

I shouldn’t have sent.


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