A train encounter!

2.15, bags ready, display in dismay,

confused passengers juggling in between platform 4 and 5,

not sure where their destiny will arive,

with the announcement of the wrong train repeating itself thrice,

in three different languages.

Welcome to the Indian Railway Station.

In mid of chuk chuk chuk and bak bak bak,

with sound of chai chai chai and coffeeee

vendors selling varieties of lonavala chikki,

Trains have seen everything!

From being an English symbol of technological superiority,

to the source of highest employability,

strictly governed by Indian authority,

Trains deserve respect!

Trains are where our history rests.

From Revolution to Nationalism it has seen,

the start of Satyagrah and Kakori in between,

Train is not just a transport, it is a sentiment.

We need to give trains more credit than relevant.


2 thoughts on “A train encounter!

  1. You just made me nostalgic. It has been two years since I have been on a train. But thanks for this post. You inspired me to take a journey down the memory lane. There was a time I used to travel twice a week on train. I will write about it. Now.

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