Burger meets pizza

Let us walk you and I,

back to the night, under the sky 

where we met.

Let the night explain,

the butterfly effect.

How eccentric about that night?

A girl meets a guy in the dim moonlight,

and promise to walk forever.

Let the moon shine the same,

We stroll as strangers again,

onto the dusty lanes,

into the streets of arguments.

Let the adernaline ripple in the veins.

Let us surface again the awkwardness.

How mesmorizing the spell of twilight,

that got us hung till the midnight.

Only if the sip of vodka could explain,

the hangover of talking over and over,

Only to realise burger has met pizza lover.

Only if the roads could tell,

how they felt,

when we parted ways, back to mundane

Let us be nostalgic again,

Thinking of the night that came to an end,

when both wished longer to stay.


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