Oh night, oh dear night!

How clam and composed you are?

As silent as the solitude inside me.

As violent as the thoughts inside me.

Oh night do you enjoy the lone roads?

Can you hear the sound of leaves blow?

Can you feel the cool breeze that go 

around touching the soul?

Do you like the moon that glows?

In the utter silence where darkness prevails,

away from noise and chaos of the day,

night is the escape from dark.

Day is the illusion only night is the truth!


Burger meets pizza

Let us walk you and I,

back to the night, under the sky 

where we met.

Let the night explain,

the butterfly effect.

How eccentric about that night?

A girl meets a guy in the dim moonlight,

and promise to walk forever.

Let the moon shine the same,

We stroll as strangers again,

onto the dusty lanes,

into the streets of arguments.

Let the adernaline ripple in the veins.

Let us surface again the awkwardness.

How mesmorizing the spell of twilight,

that got us hung till the midnight.

Only if the sip of vodka could explain,

the hangover of talking over and over,

Only to realise burger has met pizza lover.

Only if the roads could tell,

how they felt,

when we parted ways, back to mundane

Let us be nostalgic again,

Thinking of the night that came to an end,

when both wished longer to stay.

A train encounter!

2.15, bags ready, display in dismay,

confused passengers juggling in between platform 4 and 5,

not sure where their destiny will arive,

with the announcement of the wrong train repeating itself thrice,

in three different languages.

Welcome to the Indian Railway Station.

In mid of chuk chuk chuk and bak bak bak,

with sound of chai chai chai and coffeeee

vendors selling varieties of lonavala chikki,

Trains have seen everything!

From being an English symbol of technological superiority,

to the source of highest employability,

strictly governed by Indian authority,

Trains deserve respect!

Trains are where our history rests.

From Revolution to Nationalism it has seen,

the start of Satyagrah and Kakori in between,

Train is not just a transport, it is a sentiment.

We need to give trains more credit than relevant.

Life #1

A noisy alarm in the morning

A lazy walk to the bus stop

An empty space to stand in congested bus

A burnt tea at the work place

A curt look from the Principal

A leftover meal from yerstersay

And snors of roomate at night

Being simple is happy but,

Its not that easy to be simple!😅

The art of overthinking…

So this is the skill you don’t have to learn, 

it comes automatically,
Mostly pursued by girls 

but boys also develop simultaneously

Dont overthink on the question

if it is an art or skill

because it is used interchangebly.

I dont know which part of the brain controls it but its definetly do not come from reflexes.

It grows and grows deep and deep

till your decision supresses.

For one it would be a simple Happy Birthday but for us it is happy birthday or only b’day. 

Do I need to put exclaimation or just smiley would convey?

Should I add a line or two more

only to make it look allure

or will it be too much 

and will make me look insecure?

It starts with should I or shouldn’t I

and mostly ends with ifs, what ifs and buts

It takes days and hours and few more minutes till we finally come up to conclusion to press that send button.

Then a deep breath….

and the agony starts again in seconds

oh no I shouldn’t have done,

I shouldn’t have sent.

It’s that time of the year again!

It’s that time of the year again

When it all began

In hazy roasting summer

They trained us to become a teacher

Teacher leader change maker

Whatever you say

To improve the education system on the way

I joined the fellowship.

It is that that time of the year again

When the word ‘teach’ struck very late

But “for India” did actually captivate.

I entered the journey of transformation

Put up the charts and made a long vision

Only to realize this is not how it is done.

When I entered the school the first day

Ravindranath Tagore PCB as it claim

Met the kids at places all around

I felt like stiffer alone on the ground

All my learned tactics seemed to drown

Those noises almost made me unsound

But at this time of the year again

I know all these noises will hound around,

In my life for a long time.

This is that time of the year again

Where my mind is confused again but this time

Not to take the road less traveled by

But to leave the footsteps behind that chime to come back.

It is that time of the year again

Where reflection is unable to find answers

About the split worlds, about equity

The smile on the face of the kid

And answers they ask about equality.

The movement for the unrealistic vision

To bring ‘all’ and ‘excellent’ at equilibrium

Where I know to attain one, other has to be sacrificed.

But still in the journey of the easy or the right

I have found my light.















नारी, तुम जैसी हो अपने आप में पूरी हो।

मैं नारी हूं|
मैं गोरी भी, मैं काली भी,
मैं थोड़ी नखरे वाली भी हूं,
छुईमुही नहीं कलमुँही सही,
पर खुद का हक़ मांगने वाली हूं।
मैं शादी में धोखा खाने वाली सीता भी हूँ,
मैं प्रेम में पड़ जाने वाली राधा भी,
मैं ज्ञान देने वाली सरस्वती भी हूँ,
मैं गुस्से में बन जाने वाली काली भी।
ऐसी सी नहीं तो वैसी ही सही,
जैसी भी हूँ अपने आप में पूरी हूँ,
मैं नारी हूं, मैं नारी हूं,
मैं जीवन देने वाली हूं।

मैं अबला कही जाने वाली भी,
मैं पराया धन और कन्धों के ऊपर बोझ भी,
मैं परदे में रहने वाली भी हूं,
मैं मंदिरो में लगने वाले प्रतिबन्ध सी भी,
मैं इन सारे रीती रिवाज़ निभाने वाली भी,
मैं बंधन को तोड़ने वाली भी हूं,
मैं पीछे चलने वाली भी,
मैं राह दिखाने वाली भी हूँ।
ऐसी सी नहीं तो वैसी ही सही,
जैसी भी हूँ अपने आप में पूरी हूँ,
मैं नारी हूं, मैं नारी हूं,
मैं जीवन देने वाली हूं।

मैं कुल्टा कही जाने वाली भी,
मैं चुनरी पे लगा दाग भी हूँ,
मैं थोड़ी असंस्कारी सही,
पर एक कहने पर छोड़ आयी घर संसार भी हूं,
कहते लाज है मेरा गहना और है ममता बस्ती
मैं स्नेह की प्रतिमा सी भी,
मैं शर्म से लाल होने वाली भी,
मैं खुद की रक्षा करने वाली भी,
मैं खानदान की नाक कटाने वाली भी हूँ।
ऐसी सी नहीं तो वैसी ही सही,
जैसी भी हूँ अपने आप में पूरी हूँ,
मैं नारी हूं, मैं नारी हूं,
मैं जीवन देने वाली हूं।

मैं जीजा माता भी हूँ,
मैं राज सँभालने वाली अहिल्या भी हूँ,
मैं गोली खाने वाली लक्ष्मी बाई भी,
मैं दिल्ली की रज़िया सुल्तान भी हूँ।
मैं मैडम क्यूरी भी हूं,
मैं अंतरिक्ष की कल्पना भी,
मैं मलाला यूसफ़जाइ भी हूँ,
मैं सैराट की भटकी आर्ची भी,
पर मैं खुद का अस्तित्व बनाने वाली हूँ।
ऐसी सी नहीं तो वैसी ही सही,
जैसी भी हूँ अपने आप में पूरी हूँ,
मैं नारी हूं, मैं नारी हूं,
मैं जीवन देने वाली हूं।

A lot like my country!

I lived in this country before
Different diversities it bore
Still together as pure
And it resembled much more
Like my country today.
The country I lived also had people arguing with each other
But never have I heard the rape threats
There this country I lived where
People used to listen with open mindsets.
It had its own problems though
Same problems like my country has
But this country where I lived before
Always stood together for the best.
I lived in a country before where
All respected army without being asked for
All stood up for National Anthem
And faith in country was stored
Let me tell you it was not a perfect country
But love was in galore
There this country I am telling you about
Had less bans on foods
It did have its own fears
But movies were uncut and one could get cheap beers
I remember in that country
Green was the color of fields
And saffron gave essence to kheer
Did I tell you it was not a developed country
Same like my country
It did not have good development plans either
But there were less hate speeches
And comedians were not harassed over
For making people laugh
I miss that country because a cartoon sketch could not get me into jail
Students were not fired upon for their speeches
Where education made some sense in elections
Where there was a team and not just a leader
I told you it was not a perfect country
But I miss that country’s flavor.

I let him go….

And I let him go

We were at the pizza shop when I last saw him,

Thinking to be the last goodbye, last word of the time.

I stared at him and his eyes looked at mine.

As we were deciding on the future terms,

Memories hit me like a churn,

Still pretending to be firm we both knew it was just to affirm.

It all started in the teenage days,

When estrogen was enough to make me blaze

With lot of following plays and chase,

We finally became friends.

Friends only to become lovers later.

It took fucking ten years to convince you my love,

To make promises that I am now sick of,

Memories that are a lot of and dreams that I want to get rid of.

But it’s not  as easy as the way you said we cannot be together,

If I am a calm river, you are the noisy ocean water

And it’s good not to stretch it far, keep it simple and move apart.

Hence the pizza, the maze and the awkward silence.

Control on out flowing butterflies inside and emotional balance.

But the phone calls still followed even after the last goodbye.

The talks continued of stars, ghosts and skies,

From discussing the centers of ellipse to nightmares of night,

And the unasked question and answer to why,

Why it had to be right, why what goes around returned so quickly and at the wrong time

Then the phone calls stopped, messages stopped,

Have you loved someone so much that they got you blocked?

Now no talks of science happen, no talks of ways of life,

No twice my phone rings to say the last words,

No rants, tears or laughter, no anger, no cries.

Now the life is back to normal.

A tale of two countries

Recently read an article about The Japanese Government where it decided to run a train for just one girl so that she can easily travel to her school. “For years, there’s only been one passenger waiting at the Kami-Shirataki train station in the northernmost island of Hokkaido, Japan: A high-school girl, on her way to class. The train stops there only twice a day—once to pick up the girl and again to drop her off after the school day is over”, says an English newspaper.

After reading the article I was overwhelmed by the Government’s initiative. Putting education over anything is something that India can only think about. Well, people might say that Japan has lesser population, well equipped railway facilities and give million reasons as to how and why it is hard to get implemented in India. It is apparent that India lacks in basic infrastructure and is overflowing with population; but the point is not about the effective governance, but the mindset. I wonder if our government could prioritize education like the Japanese.

People might say RTE (i.e. Right to Education Program) is one of the best work of Indian Government. Agreed! Let me put some light on one of the aspect of policy. It says that a child has to clear all his exams till standard 8 or let me put in this way that teachers are supposed to pass all children till grade 8. Teachers call it a “No Fail Policy.” Here students who cannot even read or write start to think that they have got some superpowers to crack the code of success without putting much effort. Suddenly Karma hits in class 9th and gives a reality check.

The whole purpose of No fail Policy is to motivate kids, but is it the motivation or spoon feeding that we are integrating in our kids? On the other hand there is one country in the same continent as ours, which is ready to spend freely so that not one child is left behind. Just imagine the amount of motivation the girl must be getting everyday to go to school with such an ease. I don’t think she ever missed a day at school because a whole god damn train is coming to pick her up and drop her back. Are we ready to take that extra mile?

If you are running a secondary school, it is mandated to have a science laboratory, a library, a computer lab and definitely a playground. I don’t know how seriously government follows its own rules. For instance, the school where I teach is a secondary government school and it should have the above requirements. Well, suddenly one day, we see that our huge playground getting fenced, all the trees are being cut, bulldozers are being brought to make holes and most baffling news that government has started a water treatment project on a school playground. Isn’t it ridiculous? Government suddenly decides that treating the sewage water is more important and learning space can be compromised. Anyway kids have got all the superpowers!

Well, they didn’t stop at the playground and went on to damage the science lab. I personally like the science lab of my school because it is one of the cleanest places with marble flooring. Two too big things for any government school to maintain! But government is on an agenda of distributing purified water by treating sewage water and dare a pity science lab should hinder. Well yes, they destroyed the part of science lab at this crucial time when 10th standard students are heading towards their boards.

These may seem very small problems to anybody else. But the way I look, students do not have any hope for sports hour. I remember how much l liked the times during my schooling days, where we had a separate sports period in our schedule. As the so called urban development project is on, school can no longer have an assembly or a sports day and I cannot teach kids under the tree on any winter morning which was one of my small dream.

Now that’s our government and an instance of its urban development schemes. I will not talk about their failures or deficiencies of the government. Enough! We are done with that a long time ago.

The point here is what kind of mindset the government works with? Also, what kind of a mindset are we building for our future generations, by letting them be complacent easily and not being industrious. Is it the mindset that says it’s okay to take a school to build a project where you are keeping around thousand of future human resources at stake? Is it okay to let a school suffer so that government can show new projects on balance sheet and then extol over its urban development scheme? What kind of mindset do we want?

It’s all up to you now. Decide!